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Passionate Electronics and Communication Engineer with a Strong Focus on Innovation


About Me

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a recent Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate with a passion for technology and innovation. I have a strong academic background and internships in Java and Embedded Systems. I am skilled in programming, database management, web development, version control, testing and debugging, problem-solving, communication, and continuous learning. This portfolio showcases my best work on various projects, including: E-commerce Inventory Management System T-Enated Coffee and Tea Vending Machine with Machine Learning I am seeking a challenging entry-level position in Electronics and Communication Engineering where I can contribute to the success of the team and company. I am also interested in learning more about AI-powered portfolio creation platforms. I believe that these platforms have the potential to democratize portfolio creation and make it more accessible to everyone. Please feel free to browse my portfolio and contact me if you have any questions or opportunities.