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Alex Turner


Senior full stack engineer

Dagenham, United Kingdom

About Me

Results-driven Senior Full Stack Engineer with a proven track record in developing high-performance web applications using React.JS/Next.JS and Node.JS. From a foundation as a Junior Developer, I evolved into a seasoned professional adept at architecting scalable solutions and leading cross-functional teams. Implemented advanced features for an e-commerce platform, enhancing user experience and driving a 15% increase in online sales. Developed a secure patient portal, ensuring HIPAA compliance and facilitating seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers. Finance, Marketing, Social Media and Fitness are already experienced business logics to me. Demonstrated expertise in frontend technologies, backend development, and a strong commitment to driving innovation and efficiency. Leveraging a comprehensive skill set and leadership experience, I bring a strategic mindset to deliver impactful results and lead teams to success in dynamic development environments.