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Amy Chiplin

A Senior Content Manager and Creative Brand Storyteller with more than 11 years of experience in content strategy and production.

San Diego, CA

About Me

- Create and execute successful marketing and content strategies - Produce high-quality, engaging content at lightning speed - Edit copy to brand voice, optimizing for performance and engagement - Lead a team to meet project goals and redefine what success looks like - Craft varying types of content: articles, SEO content, web copy, marketing emails, ad copy, videos, scripts, campaigns, social media content, sales collateral, event promotions, white papers, case studies, presentations, and more - Strategically deploy content, positioning to target audiences where it can make the biggest splash - Shape and define a brand’s tone of voice to align with brand values and audience - Produce laser-focused content briefs that guide SEO, video, and social media storytelling, underpinned by meticulous research and the latest best practices to skyrocket visibility - Analyze performance, continually fine-tuning the content machine with actionable insights