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Andrea Castellon

10 years creating & implementing effective communication strategies | AI powered marketer | Passionate Web3 enthusiast


About Me

My expertise spans from propelling institutional communication to nurturing public relationships, crafting robust digital marketing plans, and optimizing daily operations for heightened productivity and efficiency. As a dedicated Corporate Communication Strategist, I've thrived as Chief of Strategic Communications and Journalism Career Professor. Across every role, I've consistently delivered remarkable results and garnered accolades. 🎓 Education: A Master's Degree in Corporate Communications from Central American Technological University (UNITEC) and a Bachelor's Degree in Social Communications from Metropolitan University of Honduras. My commitment to growth led me to complete a forward-looking Digital Marketing course with an AI emphasis at SAE Creative Institute Dubai. 💡 Expertise That Transforms: My expertise covers digital marketing - SEM, PPC, SEO, Google Search & Display Ads, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Google Analytics, Crafting Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies, and AI for SEO via ChatGPT. 🔗 Skills set: I excel in maintaining stakeholder and media relationships, crafting and reviewing press releases, pitch emails, and campaign materials, overseeing press launches and client events, and presenting persuasive and well-reasoned arguments. My creative thinking consistently paves the way for innovative solutions. 🚀Passion-Driven: I am a passionate learner and web3 enthusiast!