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"Expert Wordsmith: Book Editor, Professional Resume Writer, Ghostwriter Extraordinaire"

Queens, NY

About Me

Armand Ruci is a highly skilled and versatile professional with expertise in various aspects of writing and communication. As a book editor, Armand brings stories to life by refining manuscripts, improving clarity, and ensuring coherence. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of language, Armand's editing prowess enhances the overall quality of written works. In addition to being a book editor, Armand is a talented professional resume writer who helps individuals present their skills, experiences, and achievements in a compelling manner. By crafting resumes that highlight strengths and showcase unique value propositions, Armand assists clients in standing out from the competition and securing career opportunities. As a ghostwriter, Armand collaborates with authors and individuals to bring their ideas and stories to fruition. With the ability to adapt writing styles and capture the essence of their clients' visions, Armand creates engaging and authentic content that resonates with readers. Furthermore, Armand is an accomplished author, teacher, copywriter, and proofreader, further showcasing his diverse range of writing talents. Whether it's crafting captivating copy, guiding students in their literary journeys, or meticulously proofreading content for accuracy and clarity, Armand consistently delivers exceptional results. With a passion for words and a commitment to excellence, Armand Ruci is a go-to professional for individuals and organizations seeking top-notch writing and editing services. His multifaceted skills and creative approach make him a valuable asset in any project or endeavor requiring the power of effective communication.

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