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Breanna is a leading technology futurist and MIT-trained architect specializing in emerging technologies and spatial computing solutions that bridge digital-physical environments with a focus on AI and blockchain. With a track record of advising on groundbreaking projects, from GPS-enabled smart helmets to launching the first generative Metaverse architecture NFT collection designed for virtual habitability, she has played a crucial role in initiatives spanning the Metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, IoT, smart buildings and cities, always with a focus on human-centered technologies. Breanna has worked with Fortune 50 and 500 companies, including Samsung, Citi Bank, and The Guardian, and leading technology agencies IDEO and Code and Theory. Her expertise has been recognized with numerous global awards, including from the Government of Dubai and SpaceX, and her work has been featured internationally. Notably, she has worked on high-profile projects such as NYC's The Highline and NEOM’s The Line at the intersection of art, experiential design and technology. Faye is also a multimedia digital artist and poet and one of the earliest poets publishing on the blockchain.

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