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Microsoft Cloud & Security Engineer | Data Scientist | 2x Microsoft Certified


About Me

As an Azure cloud engineer, I bring extensive experience in multi-cloud systems provisioning, with a focus on configuring CI/CD pipelines and managing Azure DevOps infrastructure. I specialize in providing Azure/Google Cloud solutions, including maintaining VM's, dockers, and instances and ensuring cloud security. One of my key strengths is strategizing and monitoring cloud cost, ensuring that the cloud infrastructure remains optimized and cost-effective. I am also adept at deploying front-end and back-end applications from Azure pipelines to Google Cloud Platform, web applications, and mobile applications for Android and iOS. I also have a strong understanding and working experience with AWS and GCP. As a certified Microsoft security engineer, I have a strong understanding of cybersecurity and threat mitigation strategies. My expertise in this area allows me to design and implement secure cloud solutions that protect organisations from cyber threats. With experience working with big data and as a data scientist, I am able to leverage my analytical skills to derive insights from complex datasets. My proficiency in data analytics, statistical modelling, and machine learning has helped me identify patterns and trends that can be used to drive business growth and innovation. My educational background in BS in Electrical Engineering and Master in Systems Engineering has equipped me with a solid foundation in the technical aspects of cloud computing, including systems design, automation, and optimization. This, coupled with my practical experience in the field, has enabled me to deliver cloud solutions that meet the unique needs of organizations across various industries.