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Indigenous-Ashkenazi Talent Acquisition Expert & DEIB Leader | BIPOC & Neurodiverse Advocate | Queer Inclusive Healer | Global Speaker & ASPIKA Podcast Host | Certified Life Coach

Seattle, Washington

About Me

[SHRM-CP, CESP, ACCP (in progress)] Welcome, I'm Arwyn Swanger. As an accomplished DEIB Executive with over 17 years of pioneering leadership, I have dedicated my career to cultivating inclusive workplaces across various industries. With a rich portfolio of certifications, including Professional Life Coaching, DEIB Program Management, Executive Leadership, and Crystal Healing, my expertise spans Staffing, Recruiting, and Inclusive Talent Acquisition Management. At the heart of my identity is my Indigenous-Ashkenazi heritage, symbolizing resilience and renewal. My professional path is deeply intertwined with my commitment to social justice, which was the catalyst for founding Elite Neurodistinct Solutions in the Greater Northwest. Here, my focus on sustainable DEIB strategies has led to 825 successful placements, maintaining a remarkable 98% retention rate over nearly two decades and delivering substantial business impact. Before establishing my firm, I significantly advanced diversity efforts in various organizations, leading to a 200% surge in the acquisition of high-caliber candidates and a flawless retention record. My specialization areas include Second Chance Employment, DEIB Recruitment, Veterans, Neurodiversity, and Autism at Work Initiatives. My work amplifies the voices of the marginalized and underrepresented, transforming talent acquisition and retention into a conduit for demonstrating the tangible benefits of diverse hiring practices, both financially and ethically. Today, I channel my comprehensive expertise towards facilitating strategic DEIB transformations, championing inclusivity within organizational cultures. Outside the professional arena, I am a devoted parent, partner, and creative artist. An Eclectic Certified Crystal Practitioner & Healer, Pagan Mystic Witch, and Intuitive Empath, I am fervently dedicated to disability inclusion and social justice advocacy. My engagement with the Pinup and Body Positivity communities as a plus-size model, coupled with my passion for tattoos, underscores my commitment to self-expression and empowerment. For consulting or collaboration on elevating DEIB initiatives, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out via email at Let's Weave Inclusive Magick Together šŸ”— Connect & Explore: Courses: Storefront: Explore More: Shop My Amazon Favorites Shop: Website: