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Jane Reitsma

Inclusion oriented instructional designer and facilitator

Vancouver, BC

About Me

Fueled by a genuine curiosity to understand how people learn and a strong passion for social justice, I took a deliberate path in my academic and professional journey. My focus during my second degree was on education, with a particular emphasis on social justice. I had the privilege of co-developing what has grown into UBC's international experiential and service learning program. Building on this experience, I applied my skills and network to create experiential learning programs in community development for young people and adults, both locally and internationally, including collaborations with Canadian Indigenous organizations, the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, colleges and international charities and schools. More recently, I had the opportunity to work with an independent schools association, where my work centred on encouraging teacher collaboration, learning groups, and facilitating professional development. Subsequently, I worked with Reconciliation Canada, where my efforts were directed towards reconciliation programs designed for corporations and the general public, focusing on the essential journey of reconciliation. Presently, I'm engaged in consulting work while pursuing a post-degree diploma in adult learning. This journey reflects my enduring commitment to education and the vital cause of social justice. I am keen to add AI skills to my portfolio and have been actively engaging in AI training workshops and learning.