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Aspiring Product Manager

Delhi ,India

About Me

I'm a Software Development Engineer in Test with over 4 years of dedicated experience in the BFSI industry, having worked with a Fortune 500 global payments company. My journey has been defined by my ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between technology and user-centric solutions. Throughout my career, I've demonstrated a strong knack for leading and executing software testing activities that go beyond the conventional. From meticulously gathering and analyzing requirements to crafting comprehensive test case designs, my passion for detail ensures that the products I work on are nothing short of exceptional. My expertise truly shines in automation, where I've harnessed the power of cutting-edge tools and techniques to enhance efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, I understand the value of testing in uncovering unique scenarios as per business needs that automation might overlook. Having been an integral part of agile engineering teams, I've consistently delivered high-quality software products. I thrive in dynamic environments, collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams to ensure our products not only meet but exceed expectations. My experience in the BFSI industry has honed my understanding of intricate business logic, a crucial element in crafting products that truly resonate with users' needs. What sets me apart is not only my technical prowess but my unwavering dedication to innovation. I'm driven by a deep-seated motivation to create products that aren't just functional, but also intuitive and customer-friendly. I firmly believe that technology should elevate user experiences, and I've carried this philosophy throughout my career. Communication has been a cornerstone of my success. As a strong communicator, I've fostered relationships with stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that the products we build align with strategic visions. This skill has enabled me to not only contribute to my engineering teams but also to provide valuable insights in shaping product roadmaps. In summary, my journey as a Software Development Engineer in Test has been defined by my ability to lead, innovate, and deliver products that truly resonate with users' needs. My passion for technology and unwavering commitment to excellence make me not only a capable team member but also a valuable asset in driving product success.