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Madhuri Arvind Patokar

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Unleashing the Power of Data: Innovative Data Analyst Delivering Strategic Insights and Accelerating Business Success through Advanced Analytics and Visualizations

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About Me

I am Madhuri Arvind Patokar, a result-driven Data Analyst with over 8 years of experience in various domains, including P&C Insurance, Pharmaceutical Retail, CRM, SAP, Engineering, and Consumer Goods. I have a proven track record of managing projects with large datasets, achieving high data accuracy, and improving operational efficiency. My expertise lies in data modeling, data visualization, data governance, and data warehousing. I am skilled in tools like PowerBi, Tableau, DAX, Power Query, and SQL, and have experience in predictive modeling, statistical analysis, and project management. Throughout my career, I have successfully collaborated with cross-functional teams and translated technical findings into clear reports for non-technical stakeholders. My skills and experience make me well-equipped to drive business insights and solve real-world problems through data analysis.

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