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Looking For Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra, India

About Me

Hello, I am Omanshu Gaidhane. I recently graduated from the RGPV University, Bhopal. Currently AI Trainer at @Scale AI and Data Science Intern at @AlmaBetter .Previously worked as Solution Engineer Trainee at Deqode (Indore) and Machine Learning Application Developer intern at Technocolabs Softwares, Indore. My interest in machine learning has given me a broad and in-depth knowledge of the subject, which has enabled me to complete several projects. I have worked on projects such as Salary Prediction Web App, Crypto Currency Web App, and S&P 500 Stock Web App. My proficiency in Python, C++, SQL, Data Structures & Algorithms, and Machine Learning has helped me work on complex projects with ease. Additionally, I am familiar with various Machine Learning frameworks, including Numpy, Pandas, Statistics, Statistical Modeling, Predictive Modeling, Data Science, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big Data with PySpark, Tableau, and Streamlit. I participate in coding challenges on LeetCode and HackerRank to improve my problem-solving skills. Below, I attached my leetcode, Kaggle, github, resume, and LinkedIn profile for more details. If there are any openings for me, please reach out to me.

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