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Paige Dansinger

Metaverse Development, World-Builder, Community Impacts

Minneapolis, MN

About Me

Listed Top 25 Women in the Metaverse, Paige Dansinger, is a Metaverse Developer, World-Builder, and Futurist. Paige has created hundreds of worlds in the metaverse. The founder of Better World Museum, Horizon Art Museum, and Women in Horizon. Awarded “Most Real-World Impact” by XR Women, Paige builds empowerment! Paige was a Horizon Worlds Pre-Alpha Creator, and Meta Horizon Worlds VR Game Developer in the Meta Creators Program, Horizon MiniGame Accelerator, and Oculus Launch Pad Program. She was recognized by Meta as one of the Top 115 Global Community Leaders by their inaugural Community Leadership Fellowship Program. Paige has presented or participated at the WHO, TEDxMinneapolis, MIT Reality Hackathon, Facebook Connect, Facebook’s Global Wellness & Safety Summit, Nobel Peace Prize, AWE, Immerse Global Summit, Presence Platform Hackathon, Meta Connect, XR for Change, MetaCenter Global Week, and more!