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Atlanta, GA

About Me

I'm Prissly Mena, a competent marketing manager with an exceptional track record of over ten years. Driven by a passion for leveraging proven leadership and strategy skills, I'm now on a mission to take my company, Menapoly Digital, to new heights by fueling revenue growth and elevating audience engagement. Having thrived in fast-paced environments before, I've achieved remarkable results during my tenure at GAOTek, where a staggering 30% increase in engagement was coupled with an impressive 62% boost in revenue. As a proven people manager, my talent for nurturing and mentoring interns at JerseySTEM resulted in numerous successful recruits who continue to excel in their careers. My innovative approach to community-building shone through at Gabeworks, where I crafted a thriving online community with dynamic group and forum functions. Additionally, my expertise in creating successful lead pages drove an outstanding 73.4% attendance rate, further cementing my digital prowess. I am poised to lead companies into a new era of success, bringing my rich experience and unwavering dedication to maximizing revenue and engagement. With me at the helm, my clients will shine brighter than ever in the marketing landscape.

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