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"Engineering the Future of Space Explorations: Rocket Scientist in the Daylight, Aspiring Astronaut by Moonlight"

Novi, Michigan

About Me

Equipped with a recent Master's in Aerospace Engineering, a unique professional certification in Entrepreneurship and Project Management, and work experiences focused on the Automotive industry, I am a perfect blend of technical expertise & an unwavering passion for growth & connections that set me apart as a confident & ambitious professional. I possess hands-on experience designing mechanical components, control system design, computational modeling and implementing cutting-edge CAE, CFD, & FEA tools for aerospace and automotive applications. I'm well-versed in advanced modeling techniques, coupled with a profound understanding of critical areas such as aerodynamics, orbit design, combustion, conventional and advanced propulsion systems, and essential concepts of Space Systems Engineering. Proficiency in industry-standard software like SolidWorks, Catia, ANSYS, and programming in Matlab & Python further bolster my capabilities. My detail-oriented and diligent approach, complemented by exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills, positions me as a driven and innovative professional eager to contribute to sustainable engineering opportunities. While my career aspirations lie in the stars, where I aim to be an astronaut, my journey is one of boundless determination, excellence, and innovation. An avid traveler, I continually seek new horizons and opportunities to build valuable relationships both in and out of the professional realm.