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Business-Savvy Engineer Harnessing the Power of Data: Bridging the Gap Between Analytics and Strategic Decision-Making for Impactful Business Growth.

Paris, France

About Me

"Fueling Innovation as a Product Data Analyst Intern at L'Oreal Research and Innovation, where I blend my expertise in ensuring impeccable data quality with a passion for optimizing extraction methodologies to align with dynamic business requirements. Embracing tools like Figma to weave compelling narratives through data. πŸš€ A proactive learner, I thrive on challenges and welcome additional responsibilities. Committed to exploring cutting-edge technologies and collaborating across diverse teams, I continually seek growth beyond my comfort zone. Thriving on challenges, I secured an In-Company project at DANONE, achieving a notable 35% enhancement in eCommerce website performance and contributing to a significant 40% increase in user journey and conversions. πŸŽ“ Accomplished MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science at Emlyon Business School, a distinguished institution in France and a global hub for excellence. πŸŽ“ Pursued B.Tech Electrical Engineering from Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science India

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